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Focus and unify your teams.

Simplify growing your business.

Gain certainty and reduce stress.



Measurable financial improvements.

Win more in competitive markets.

Save time, money, and wasted effort.


Increase sales, profit, and company value.

Capture more market share.

Boost customer retention and loyalty.

Common Growth Challenges

Results from a TriFecta Marketing survey of over 1,200 company CEOs and presidents. When asked about their growth challenges, here are their top four responses:

Winning in Competitive Markets

Increased competition is driving down profit margins, making it tougher to win in their marketplace.

Winning in Competitive Markets

It’s easy to understand why: There is 50-80% more competition today in every industry and profession than there was 25 years ago.

Underperforming Sales Teams

Sales teams are not reaching their potential. They have tried sales training, but didn’t get the results they hoped for.

Underperforming Sales Teams

Research by shows that 85% of all sales training has no lasting impact after 90-120 days.

Untapped Revenue Potential

There is significant untapped revenue growth potential within their company and they are not growing as fast as they should be.

Untapped Revenue Potential

Knowing where and how to focus their efforts to achieve better results can be challenging.

More Growth From Current Customers

Competition is intense and they are missing out on growth opportunities within their existing base.

More Growth From Current Customers

It’s imperative that companies do everything they can to increase customer loyalty, retention and lifetime value.

You're 3 steps away from exponential growth...

Let’s talk.  A simple, casual phone conversation and a few minutes is all it takes to see if we could be a good fit.

I’ll listen.  The first step is understanding your unique goals, challenges, and growth potential for your business.

Start growing with a customized system we can adjust, optimize, and hold accountable for producing measurable results.

What Makes Russ Holder Different?

A total focus on direct and measurable revenue growth (typically 20%+ annually) and ROI.  An example is often the easiest way to explain it:

A $17 million company came to me after two years of single-digit growth in their competitive marketplace.  Working alongside their team, we created a growth program consisting of four main elements:

  • Created a differentiated competitive strategy.
  • Launched a sales program targeting high-value accounts.
  • Developed a retention program aligned with revenue drivers.
  • Established a continuous improvement program around their sales and marketing activities.

The result:  177% growth in sales over the next 2.5 years; from $17 million to over $47 million.

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All businesses are different, and yours will be, too.  But if you believe there is unreached growth potential in your organization, a few minutes on the phone is all it takes to find out if we’re a good fit. 



Build a lasting competitive advantage and easily drive double-digit growth year after year.  Your free Exponential Growth Starter Kit contains:

  • 5 chapter mini-course to help you create exponential growth now.
  • 4 case studies from clients achieving dramatic results.
  • 3 workbooks for creating your own growth plan.
  • Exponential Growth Calculator and opportunity analysis tool.


Start growing your sales, profit, and company value now, and keep it growing and thriving for years to come.

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