About Russ Holder

You’re doing well already.  Your business is moving in the right direction and you’ve seen some good results.  But you know you can do better. 

Over 21 years I’ve helped almost 250 organizations create and execute growth strategies that work.  I’ve worked alongside many incredible people and helped them achieve their growth goals.

I’ve been a business owner, too.  I know what it’s like to have to make payroll; to have to make sales to keep the business moving forward.  And I know what it’s like when competitive forces in your market grow stronger every week, making it increasingly difficult to differentiate your company and offerings.

Entrepreneurs and business leaders, this website is for you.  Enjoy the resources.  An excellent place to start is with the Exponential Growth Starter Kit.  It will give you scores of ideas to help you strategically grow your business.  Several friends have told me I was crazy to give it away for free.  Click here to get your copy.


Who I Work With

Are you continually trying to “raise the bar” and improve performance? My best clients are, as they understand that stagnation and stalls ultimately result in failure.

Although I typically work with “mid-market” B2B organizations, over  21 years I’ve worked with clients ranging from $3M to $60B in revenue in the following industries:



Aerospace, Chemical, Commercial Printing, Construction, Consumer Products, Health & Fitness, Industrial Products, Office Products, Packaging, Software, Sporting Goods.


Chemical, Cosmetics, Electronics, IT, Industrial Supplies, Medical Devices, Oil Field Supplies, Packaging, Shooting Products, Telecom Equipment, Test Equipment.


Services & Consulting

Accounting, Advertising & Marketing, Banking, Corporate Training, Human Resources, Information Technology, Investments, Legal, Medical, Telecom.



E-Commerce, Higher Education, Homeowner Services, Network Television, Non-Profits, Publishing, Railroads, Real Estate, Retail, Trade & Professional Associations.


Books Published



Build a lasting competitive advantage and easily drive double-digit growth year after year.  Your free Exponential Growth Starter Kit contains:

  • 5 chapter mini-course to help you create exponential growth now.
  • 4 case studies from clients achieving dramatic results.
  • 3 workbooks for creating your own growth plan.
  • Exponential Growth Calculator and opportunity analysis tool.


Start growing your sales, profit, and company value now, and keep it growing and thriving for years to come.

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Giving Back

“I believe in the importance of serving local communities in ways that deliver high-impact outcomes and enriching experiences.  I do this through limited pro-bono engagements to provide guidance to local non-profits.  Some of the issues close to my heart include entrepreneurship, veteran’s affairs, children’s care, and animal rescue and adoption.”

~ Russ Holder