The Big Bonus: A More Valuable and Sellable Company

Short-term growth does not have to come at the expense of long-term success.  Not when you build your growth strategy by following the TriFecta of Strategic Growth™ and the ART of Exponential Growth Model®.

With these powerful forces working in tandem, you can create exponential growth in sales and profit now, and increase the equity value of your business while making it more strategic and appealing to investors.  We call this Equity Evolution.

Equity Evolution can activate 12 different equity drivers in a business, and each one can make the business a more valuable and sellable asset.  The benefit of multiple equity drivers strategically aligned and working together is exponential greater.


*The above image is a screenshot from the ART of Exponential Growth Calculator, and results vary depending on company specifics.  The image shows the dramatic impact of both cumulative quantitative growth and strategically increasing the multiple used in the valuation of the business.

The Growth Imperative

For stakeholders to receive an extraordinary return, the company must have executed and achieved a high-growth strategy.


Gain More Control of Your Future

Examine any industry and you will find that there are some businesses that sell for 200-300% above industry average prices, while many others sell for much lower than average prices.

Real wealth is not made by starting a business, and it’s most often not made by growing the business.  Real wealth is most often made by successfully selling the business.  This is why you should build your business with the end in mind.  Having this strategic approach will change your mindset, and could have a huge impact on your ultimate success.

Selling a business often requires more strategic planning than starting one.  Depending on your industry and the size of your business, this planning can take anywhere from one to five years to do properly, and that’s not including the extra 6-24 months it can take to sell (US Small Business Administration.

No Exit Plan

58% of business owners have no formal exit plan.

No Exit Plan

Strategically planning your exit takes as much work as planning your start.

Never Sell

Approximately 75% of businesses never sell.

Never Sell

Don't be one of them. Build your business with the end in mind, even if it's not your current goal.

The Benefits of Equity Evolution

To sell your business for a premium price you have to see your business from the buyer’s point of view, and reduce risk in the business while increasing it’s growth potential.  Equity Evolution focuses efforts on 12 Equity Drivers that help you achieve the best price from the sale of your business.


Strategically Building Your Business

Strategically building your business means that you have a clear vision of an exit strategy in mind.  But too many business owners are not in control of the conditions of their exit, or the timing and value of their business when they sell.  Equity Evolution gives you more control and more strategic value.

Maximize Your Valuation

Regardless of whether you want to maximize your business’s valuation so you can enjoy retirement or leave a legacy for your family, you must be prepared.  The best entrepreneurs and business builders have a clear vision of their future and develop different exit strategy options to achieve that vision.

Typical Client Results

These are some of the benefits our clients receive from Equity Evolution:

  • Improve ROI for company stakeholders.
  • Build “strategic value” into your business.
  • Minimize the risk in selling your business.
  • Make your company “investor ready.”
  • Boost your valuation multiple.
  • Increase your exit strategy options.

Do these results interest you?

Explore the Equity Evolution Model

Interact with the model to discover how Equity Evolution helps you increase the value of your business while making it more attractive to potential investors.

Will Investors Love Your Business?

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