The Most Practical Way to Create 10-25% Annual Sales Growth

Are your sales efforts not producing the results you want?  Are your closing ratios lower than they should be?

Maybe you have tried conventional sales training in the past to try to improve sales performance, but found that those old methods just weren’t producing the results in increased sales and new accounts that you need?

Sales Elevation is a logical and strategic approach toward improving the performance of your entire sales team.  It helps you gain more control of the sales process and revenue generating activities of your company, resulting in increased revenue, profit, market share, and account penetration.

To get a better understanding of how Sales Elevation works, take a look at the image next to this text.  Small, 1% improvements to each of the spokes of the Sales Elevation Wheel™ add up to dramatic and sustainable growth in customers (20.4%), sales (30.2%), and profit (45.1%).  Click on the image to see more details.

Can Sales Elevation work for your company?  Contact us today and let’s find out.


*The above image is a screenshot from the ART of Exponential Growth Calculator. Results vary depending on company specifics, but generally range from 10-25% annual sales growth, and 17-40% annual growth in profit.

Sales Challenges of 2017

“The hardest thing about B2B (business to business) selling today is that your customers don’t need you the way they used to.”

— Harvard Business Review


The New Sales Paradigm

There was a time when buyers depended on sales people to diagnose their problems and better understand their needs, but that time has changed. Buyers today are more informed and purchasing departments are more sophisticated and demanding.

Hiding behind voicemail and email to avoid your sales people, they only speak with them if they believe it will help with their buying process.

This trend is not slowing down. To succeed today, you must find ways to add more value and communicate more clearly to your prospects and customers, and that’s where Sales Acceleration comes in.

Online Research

94% of B2B buyers research online before purchasing.

-- 2014 State of B2B Procurement, Acquity Group

Online Research

Are you being found? And when you're found, are you seen as being unique or delivering more value than all of your online competition?

Buying Decision

57% of the buyer's journey is complete before contacting a sales person.

-- Corporate Executive Board

Buying Decision

Sellers today must be more creative in generating sales opportunities, more strategic with their value propositions, and more effective in educating prospects.

A Better Alternative to Sales Training

In a survey of 1,200 company CEOs and presidents, 82% believed that their sales teams were not performing to their full potential. To improve performance, many tried sales training but didn’t get the results they were expecting.

Unfortunately, that result is all too common. In fact, research by shows that 85% of all sales training has no lasting impact after 90-120 days. So what are business leaders and sales managers to do?

Sales Elevation programs from Russ Holder may be your answer, providing lasting performance improvements, not just a motivational quick fix typical of many sales training programs.


Focused on Driving Sales Revenue

Sales Elevation is strategic and powerful alternative to sales training. Based on how revenue and profit is created through your sales process, Sales Elevation makes all aspects of your sales process run more and effectively.

Easy Integration

Sales Elevation integrates seamlessly into any sales function that supports repeat customer purchases, and it helps executives gain more control of the sales process, giving them more control over results and making it easier to manage, replace, or integrate new sales people into the organization.

Typical Client Results

These are some of the results our clients receive from our Sales Elevation services:

  • Gain greater control of the entire sales process.
  • Generate a higher number of qualified leads.
  • Significantly increase closing ratios.
  • Dramatically improve account penetration.
  • Win back lost customers and clients.
  • Increase sales, market share and company growth.

Do these results interest you?

Explore the Sales Elevation Wheel

Interact with the model to discover how it helps you gain more control over the sales process and dramatically improve revenue generated by your sales teams.

Test Your Knowledge

Are you a master of sales performance?  Test your Sales Elevation Quotient with this brief, simple quiz that will help you understand your ability to recognize sales improvement opportunities.

Does increasing sales, profit, and company value sound enticing?