Build a Foundation That Supports Growth


The TriFecta of Strategic Growth

Click the image above to see how the TriFecta of Strategic Growth can help your business reach its full growth potential.

Significant and sustainable growth in sales, profit, and company value doesn’t happen by accident.

Have you ever found yourself discouraged or frustrated at your inability to control the ups and downs of the business?  Are your sales teams consistently winning in your marketplace, or do they too frequently lose out to your competitors?

Most markets are full of generally undifferentiated competitors, so a potent and precisely aligned strategy is the foundation for both winning in competitive situations, and creating efficient and sustainable growth.

So if you aren’t getting the results that you think you should, making sure that your strategy is in line with both your goals and your market should become a priority.

Simplifying Strategy

“The more simple  you keep strategy, the more you’ll be pleased with the results.”

— A.G. Lafley, CEO of Proctor & Gamble


Why Strategy Fails


``No`` or ``Now`` Focus

Not knowing where and how to direct efforts, or getting caught up in the current month/quarter and losing sight of longer-term goals.


Reactive Management

Management seems to get stuck in problem solving mode, and doesn’t spend enough time innovating and adding value.

Poor Execution

Your strategy may sound good in theory, but you don’t have the knowledge, skills, or discipline to execute in a meaningful way.


Industry Catch-22

Creating strategy requires industry knowledge, but the more industry knowledge you gain, the more difficult it becomes to think differently.


No Alignment

The tactics, activities, and divisions of the organization are not aligned around a common set of objectives and priorities.


Marketing Incest

This occurs when you try to imitate – or better – your competition, instead of trying to be unique in a way advantageous to your market.

The Worst Strategy Mistake Is...

“The worst mistake – and the most common one – is not having a strategy at all.”

— Michael Porter, PhD, author of “Competitive Strategy”

Why You Should Find Your Strategic Sweet Spot

Figuring out a way to win in their competitive market is a primary responsibility of business leaders.  In fact, in a survey of 1,200 company CEOs and presidents, 94% responded that it was one of their top concerns.

Hypercompetitive markets and the blistering speed of business today make getting strategy right more important than ever, and it also makes strategy mistakes more painful.


How to Quickly Test Your Strategy

There’s a quick and easy way to put your current strategy to the test. Just ask yourself one simple question:


“Why should your target market do business with you over all of your competitors?”


If you are trying to meet the same needs of your market while selling at the same price as your competition, then you have some work to do because you don’t have a strategy.


Focus on What Matters

When it comes to creating strategy, keep it simple by focusing on creating competitive advantage and driving financial performance.  For a strategic approach that is systematic, scientific, and reliable, use the TriFecta of Strategy Growth™ and the Growth Strategy Pyramid™ (see the section below to explore the models) to get you started with finding your strategic sweet spot.

Typical Client Results

These are some of the results our clients receive from our strategy development services:

  • Stand out among rival companies.
  • Position your business for future growth.
  • Dramatically increase sales and profit.
  • Capture market share.
  • Increase company value.
  • Create more exit strategy options.
  • Attract quality investors.
  • Sell your business for a premium price.


Do these results interest you?

Explore The Strategic Growth Pyramid

Interact with the model to see how the Strategic Growth Pyramid helps you create competitive advantage and improve financial performance.

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