How Do You Compare to Top Performers?


Screenshots from The Growth Audit

The Growth Audit is a proprietary and comprehensive business development and marketing diagnostic designed specifically to:

  • Identify your real growth potential.
  • Pinpoint your most promising opportunities.
  • Shorten the time it takes for you to achieve meaningful results.

The world’s best organizations constantly assess their performance in critical business development areas, constantly driving forward to find new opportunities and achieve higher goals.  They understand this is necessary to gain an edge in competitive marketplaces.

An Excellent First Step

Research has repeatedly proven that businesses with a formal strategic plan for growth consistently outperform their competitors who don’t have a plan by an average of 30%.

Through The Growth Audit, you will be able to design a sophisticated plan to grow your organization more strategically, creating and strengthening competitive advantage, and improving financial performance in sales, profit, and company value.


Growth Challenges

 The majority of businesses lacking the success they want can trace their problems to several areas:



Not knowing how to effectively identify and take advantage of opportunities.



They are selling the same products and services at similar prices as their competition.


Not attracting enough qualified customers to sell their products and services to.



Not being able to implement viable solutions to the problems of the business.


They are not getting a compelling message across in their marketing or sales presentations.


Customer Retention

Failure to establish a long term profitable business relationship with their clients.

What's Included In The Growth Audit?

The Growth Audit is very logical and methodical process, providing business leaders with a snapshot of their organization’s performance in five primary strategic growth areas:

  1.  Competitive Strategy
  2. Growth Strategy
  3. Sales Strategy
  4. Customer Retention Strategy
  5. Equity  Strategy

Benchmark Your Current Performance

A strategic approach toward growth and marketing can have a dramatic impact on your business.  With The Growth Audit, you will know exactly what areas of your business need to be improved, where the most promising growth opportunities lie, and in what sequence you should take advantage of them to achieve the best results in sales and profit.


Focused on Driving Sales Revenue

By the time we are finished with The Growth Audit, you will not only know how well your current sales and marketing activities are really working, you will discover:

  • Untapped growth opportunities you are missing.
  • “Low hanging fruit” that represents quick and easy sales.
  • If you are using the most beneficial tactics in your marketing mix.
  • How you compare to best-of-class performers.

Typical Client Results

With information gleaned from The Growth Audit, you will be better prepared to:

  • Focus your efforts on the most lucrative opportunities.
  • Create more effective sales and marketing strategies.
  • Boost customer acquisition and retention results.
  • Improve the performance of your sales teams.
  • Build long-term equity value in your company.
  • Make your business more attractive to investors.

Do these results interest you?

Test Your Knowledge

Are you a master of sales performance?  Test your Sales Acceleration Quotient with this brief, simple quiz that will help you understand your ability to recognize sales improvement opportunities.

Does increasing sales, profit, and company value sound enticing?