A comprehensive growth diagnostic and catalyst for your business.

1% Change - 20% Growth - 120X ROI

Focus Your Strategy - Align Your Tactics - Achieve Dramatic Growth

1% Change

When you focus on the right areas, small changes add up.  The Growth Audit gets you focused.

20% Growth

Our typical client finds an additional 23-32% realistic and achievable revenue growth with The Growth Audit.

120x ROI

You leave with an action plan that typically has the potential to achieve 131-183X ROI.

Are You Getting All The Growth You Want?

Most businesses not getting all of the growth they want can trace their problems to these areas:

Strategic Reasons

  • Discovery

    Not knowing how to effectively identify and take advantage of growth opportunities.

  • No Competitive Advantage

    They are selling the same products and services at the same prices as their competitors.

  • Lack Synergy

    The activities and tactics of their strategy are not aligned in a way that supports each other.

Execution Reasons

  • Focus

    Their efforts and activities are not effectively impacting the growth of sales, profit, and company value.

  • Marketing

    Not attracting and retaining enough qualified customers to sell their products and services to.

  • Sales

    Sales teams are not closing enough business and producing the results needed to grow.

Who Is the TriFecta Growth Accelerator For?

  • You’re doing well, but you know that you can do even better.
  • You want every advantage possible in your competitive marketplace.
  • Sales are a struggle even though you have good products and services.
  • You’re not getting the results you want from your marketing.
  • You want to focus and unify your teams around a strong strategic plan.

1% Change.

20% Growth.

120x ROI.

A Proven Framework to Identify and Pursue Growth

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    Day 1: Discovery

    Your unique challenges, opportunities, and goals are the foundation of this organized and thorough process.  Your breakthrough begins taking shape, and you feel energized for day two.

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    Day 2: Planning

    Everything makes sense to you as we work together to identify and quantify your best growth opportunities.  Your plan unfolds, and excitement builds as you think about putting it into action.

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    Day 3+: Growth

    Your path has never been so clear, your teams never so focused, and you’ve never had so much control over your future.  This is how much fun growing your business should be.

Typical Client Results


Unite Your Team

Build an energized and cohesive team behind a clear and strategy for achieving your growth goals.


Gain Control

Confidently pilot your business with a system you can rely on for years to come.


Drive Growth

Engineer a strategic plan that will consistently grow your organization in competitive markets.



Build a lasting competitive advantage and easily drive double-digit growth year after year.  Your free Exponential Growth Starter Kit contains:

  • 5 chapter mini-course to help you create exponential growth now.
  • 4 case studies from clients achieving dramatic results.
  • 3 workbooks for creating your own growth plan.
  • Exponential Growth Calculator and opportunity analysis tool.


Start growing your sales, profit, and company value now, and keep it growing and thriving for years to come.

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