Speaking & Training

If your audience is hungry for original and powerful business-building content filled with actionable ideas, then you need Russ Holder at your next event.  Through highly engaging keynotes, breakouts, and workshops, Russ takes your audience through a transformational journey that will change the way they think about growing their businesses.

Presentations that grow businesses.

Imagine achieving faster, more controlled growth of your business while gaining more certainty about your future. An innovative voice on accelerating and sustaining growth, Russ’s unique perspective and fun stories are based on twenty-five years of “in the trenches” experience as a consultant and entrepreneur.

The Result

Your audience takes home practical strategies and actionable ideas that they can immediately use to drive growth for years to come. 

Ideal Audiences

Trade shows and breakout sessions, association meetings, entrepreneur and executive groups, sales and marketing professionals, and leaders and teams of growth-driven companies.

Meeting Planners Speak

"Russ is a wonderful professional with fantastic skills in marketing, business development, and consulting. In the training project we developed together, our audience couldn't get enough of the information and tips he provided. He receives my highest recommendation."

Cathy Denison-Robert, PhD

Meeting Planners Speak

"WOW! Thanks for speaking to our group and delivering a powerful message about growing your business. From our seasoned professionals to our budding entrepreneurs, everyone in attendance enjoyed themselves and learned valuable tips and tools."

Darrell Ourso

President, Tipmasters

Meeting Planners Speak

"The information Russ presented wasn't just typical marketing fluff! It was quality information that can actually be applied and used to build our member's businesses."

Howell Chaisson

Chairman, Assumption Parrish Chamber of Commerce

Meeting Planners Speak

"Russ's presentation was marketing strategy with a 'thinking outside the box' approach, providing many unique angles for using marketing to increase sales and profit."

Cynthia Hoffpauir

President, Jefferson Davis Business Alliance

Your audience deserves...


Your group’s work, goals, and challenges are unique, so your vision of a successful presentation is where we start. Then we can build valuable content around it.


Group participation is built into my presentations. With activities to get your team involved, to frequent stops for questions, agreement & disagreement.

Practical & Actionable

Your audience's goals are the foundation, so each presentation is filled with actionable strategies, tactics, and activities to help them achieve them.

Real Examples

To reinforce new strategies and approaches, I’ll share details about real clients, including their results and exactly what they did to achieve them.

Useful Tools

Within each presentation, I introduce tools and checklists that your audience can use to improve their knowledge and performance. 


Your audience will have fun and laugh, but best of all they’ll be inspired to take action, knowing exactly what steps to take to put their new knowledge to use.

The Audience Speaks

Blaine Royer


"I enjoyed Russ's presentation. He confirmed marketing strategies we currently use, as well as provided new tools we can add to our local business marketing (vs. our national marketing)."

The Audience Speaks

Frank Prater

Bank President, NYC

"The most practical business building advice I've ever heard from a speaker in my 30-year career."

The Audience Speaks

Cliff Ourso

State Farm Insurance

"I liked the real-life examples and how he made the presentation interactive to further understanding of his concepts, several of which I can begin implementing right away to improve our business."

The Audience Speaks

Dan Boudreaux

Ace Hardware

"I found everything that Russ spoke about to be applicable to my business. I walked away with tools to incorporate into my current marketing activities."

The Audience Speaks

Debi Graham

River Parrish Community College

"Finally, a rationale for marketing budgets that makes sense! I learned practical methods to identify what I should be allocating for marketing activities."

The Audience Speaks

Sonja Landry

St. Martin Bank & Trust

"Russ's presentation was informative and the topic important in my line of work. I learned how to apply and promote our uniqueness, improve follow up, and new ways to interact with our best customers."


Sustainable Growth... Simplified.

Growing your business doesn’t have to be so difficult, but it does require a strategic approach and a disciplined focus on the right activities. Take the mystery out of achieving sustainable growth while gaining greater clarity and control of your success.

Length: 30 & 60-minute presentations, and half-day and full-day workshops.


Drive measurable growth in sales, profit, and company valuation.

Build a lasting competitive advantage based on strategic agility.

Gain control of your business with a system that is easy to implement and manage by the numbers.


Discover Your Growth Potential

Help your audience discover their business growth potential by focusing their strategy, aligning tactics, and creating an action plan to achieve sustainable growth. I will show them how 1% change can deliver 20% growth in sales, profit, and company valuation.

Length: 60-minute presentation; half-day and full-day workshops.


Identify the exact activities you need to focus on to take your business to higher levels.

Discover a simple system that helps you get organized, focused, and continuously growing.

Compare your business to over 1,200 top-performers.


How to Grow During an Economic Meltdown

A slow economy offers unique opportunities for growth – even in the most competitive markets – but only if you do a few things properly. Give your audience a powerful competitive advantage when most businesses are struggling to survive.

Length: 30 & 60-minute presentations, and half-day and full-day workshops.


Escape complexity and overwhelm through greater focus on what drives measurable results.

Build resiliency and the ability to weather almost any type of market disruption.

How to add 10% annual growth to your business without acquiring any new customers.


The Easiest Way to Double Your Company Valuation

Within any given industry, some companies sell for 300% more than average prices, while others sell for 50% less than average. Which would you rather? Equity Evolution gives your audience more options and control of their exit strategy.

Length: 30 & 60-minute presentations, and half-day and full-day workshops.


Learn how to build a business that attracts quality investors.

Dramatically improve the ROI for all company stakeholders.

Use a series of small 1% improvements to double your valuation in only three years.