About Russ Holder

What makes an ideal growth strategy, especially for companies in competitive and fast-changing markets?

As a growth strategist, I have been asking that question for over 24 years. My work with over 300 companies in 40+ industries taught me no best answer applies to everyone. However, it also taught me that every organization can – and should – have a strategy that achieves these three strategic imperatives:

Measurable Growth - in sales, profit, and company valuation.

Agility - helps you quickly adapt to changing market conditions.

Clarity & Control – easy to focus and unify your teams while reducing wasted effort.

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What makes me different?

After 24 years working with high-performance organizations and teams, I developed an innovative approach that helps organizations grow in an organized, methodical, and repeatable way. I call it the 120 Growth Operating System, because with it you can turn a series of small 1% improvements into 20% annual growth in sales, profit, and company valuation.

Additionally, the 120 Growth Operating System will help you:

Drive 10% annual growth from your customer retention efforts.

Create a lasting competitive advantage based on agility.

Build a business that is easier to manage by the numbers.

Accountable to Your ROI

Not only do I measure success the same way you do, but I also providing you tools and a monitoring system to quantify and track results on a regular basis.

Broad Base of Experience

My experience across a broad range of industries, businesses, and activities/tactics are invaluable in creating growth strategy that works.

Lead and Follow

You're an expert in running your business. I'm an expert in growth strategy. Co-creation is key to effective strategy development and implementation.

Intellectual Property

Along with the 120 Growth Operating System, I created a proprietary performance diagnostic and benchmarking system (the 120 Growth Catalyst) to help companies identify opportunities, create, and execute their growth strategy, and monitor results.

Eight Reasons to Work With Me

As an advisor to forward-thinking, growth-oriented organizations, I work with company leaders and teams to deliver the following outcomes:


Growth Trifecta

We give you the tools to turn 1% change into 20% annual growth in sales, profit, and company valuation.


Competitive Advantage

Develop and continually strengthen a durable competitive advantage based on agility.


Capture Market Share

Profitably capture market share and steadily grow your customer base.


Customer Retention

Generate 10% annual growth from your customer retention and loyalty efforts.


Company Value

Build stakeholder equity and make your business more attractive to strategic investors.


Clarity & Control

Simplify creating sustainable growth. Save time, money, and effort by growing your business more efficiently.



Build a stronger, more stable business that's able to survive constant change and hostile conditions.



My growth programs are evidence-based and field tested with hundreds of organizations.



Books Published






Organizations Helped

Who I've Worked With

I typically work with mid-market B2B companies ranging from $20 million to $100 million in annual revenue. However, over the past 25 years I have worked with a few larger companies that you may recognize:

24 Hour Fitness



Centers for Disease Control




Deloitte Consulting

GE Capital


Home Depot

Johnson Controls

JP Morgan Chase

Merrill Lynch


NAPA Auto Parts

NBC Universal

Oil States



Sherwin Williams

State Farm

T. Rowe Price


Many industries, with a few things in common:

Since 1996, I have worked with over 300 organizations in 14 countries, and in more than 40 industries. Though all of these companies and their leaders were unique, my best clients share several similarities:

First, even though they are already doing well, they're constantly "raising the bar" to improve their performance.

Second, they seem to be obsessed with creating competitive advantage and new growth opportunities in their businesses.

And third, they all believe in "constant forward progress", understanding that stagnation ultimately results in failure.


Aerospace, Chemical, Commercial Printing, Construction, Consumer Products, Health & Fitness, Industrial Products, Office Products, Packaging, Sporting Goods.

Services & Consulting

Accounting, Advertising & Marketing, Banking, Corporate Training, Human Resources, IT, Investments, Legal, Medical, Telecommunication.

Wholesale & Distribution

Chemical, Cosmetics, Electronics, IT, Industrial Supplies, Medical Devices, Oil Field Supplies, Packaging, Shooting Products, Telecom Equipment, Test Equipment.


E-commerce, Higher Education, Homeowner Services, Network Television, Non-Profits, Publishing, Private Equity, Real Estate, Retail, Trade & Professional Associations.

Russ Holder in the Media

Russ Holder is the author of six books (including two Amazon #1 Bestsellers) on the topics of strategic planning, revenue growth, marketing, and sales. His work has been featured in dozens of other publications, including:

Major Media

The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Businessweek, CNN, CEOworld Magazine, Business Insider.

Industry Publications

Oil & Gas Journal, Renewable Energy World, Power Engineering, Value Investing News, Digital Media Wire.

Online Media

Yahoo Finance, MSN Money, SiliconValley.com, Barron's, Virtual Strategy, Market Intelligence Center.

International Media

International Business News, TransWorld News, Asia Pacific Star, Europe Sun, Thailand Business Leader.

Giving Back

“I believe in serving my local communities in ways that deliver high-impact outcomes and experiences. I do this through limited pro-bono engagements to provide guidance to local non-profits. Some of the issues close to my heart include entrepreneurship, veteran’s affairs, children’s care, and animal rescue and adoption.”

~ Russ Holder

Get Your Free 120 Growth Starter Kit

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