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If your audience is hungry for original and powerful business-building content filled with actionable ideas, then you need Russ Holder at your next event. Through highly engaging keynotes, workshops and breakouts, Russ takes your audience through a transformational journey that will change the way they think about competitive strategy and growing their businesses.

Powerful Takeaways

Imagine achieving faster, more controlled growth of your organization while gaining more certainty about your future.  A leading voice on creating and accelerating business growth, Russ’s unique perspective and fun stories are based on twenty years of “in the trenches” experience, market trends, original research, straightforward business principles and simple math.  The result:  your audience takes home practical strategies and actionable ideas that they can immediately put to work in their businesses to drive exponential growth for years to come.

Presentation Customization

No two presentations are the same because no two audiences are the same.  Russ’s presentations are versatile and can be customized to make it highly relevant to your event and audience.  Our goal is to be in total alignment with your goals, and if you have ideas of how we can achieve that, we’re always open.

Ideal Audiences:  Trade shows, trade associations, entrepreneur and executive groups, sales and marketing professionals, and leaders of forward-thinking companies.

''The most practical business building advice that I've heard from a speaker in my 30-year career.''

Frank Prater

Bank President, New York

The ART of Strategic Growth

Consistently winning in competitive environments rarely happens by accident, it requires a strategic approach and a disciplined focus on the right goals and activities.

In this dynamic new presentation based on his upcoming book of the same name, Russ Holder provides your audience with powerful tools and systems for strategically planning and aligning their activities to create competitive advantage, drive exponential revenue growth, and build the equity value of their organizations.

By reviewing case studies and experiences from his most successful clients, Russ challenges audiences to focus on the TriFecta of Strategic Growth™, providing them with practical tools and techniques to achieve their growth goals faster and more profitably.

Length:  30, 60 and 90 minute presentations, and half-day and full-day workshops.

Key Audience Takeaways

  • Harness strategic synergy to supercharge growth in sales, profit and company value.
  • Discover how to create and maintain a competitive advantage in any industry.
  • Avoid dangerous trends and strategy traps that sabotage growth efforts.
  • Simplify strategic planning and develop your own powerful growth strategy.
  • Create a culture that embraces innovation and continuously drives strategic growth.

Meeting Planners Speak

“WOW! Thanks for speaking to our group and delivering a powerful professional message about growing your business. From our seasoned professionals to our budding entrepreneurs, everyone in attendance enjoyed themselves and learned valuable tips and tools.”

Darrell Ourso

President, Tipmasters

“Russ is a wonderful professional with fantastic skills in marketing, business development and consulting. In the training project we developed together, our clients couldn’t get enough of the information and tips that he provided. He receives my highest recommendation.”

Cathy Denison-Robert, Phd

Zeroing In Your Sales Strategy

According to our own research, 71% of company CEOs and presidents believe that their sales teams are not reaching their full potential.  To improve results, business leaders often try sales training, but research by CSOInsights.com shows that 85% of sales training has no lasting impact after 90-120 days.

In this popular presentation, Russ Holder introduces audiences to a simple, logical and proven system for dramatically improving the results of your sales force.  Unlike any sales training or workshop you have ever attended before, you will learn how to leverage the power of Russ’s proprietary Sales Acceleration Wheel™ to improve performance in all aspects of the sales process.

Length:  30, 60 and 90 minute presentations, and half-day and full-day workshops.

Key Audience Takeaways

  • Build sales teams that continually outperform their previous bests.
  • Strategically align sales with the growth objectives of the organization.
  • Discover two necessities for improving the results of your entire sales team.
  • Break free from a limiting sales mentality and refocus on sales acceleration.
  • Uncover fresh new approaches for improving sales performance.

The Audience Speaks

“I enjoyed the speaker. He confirmed marketing strategies we use currently, as well as provided new tools we can add to our local business marketing (vs. our national marketing).”

Blaine Royer


“From a “corporate” perspective, it was very interesting to see the unique angle Russ gave to using marketing to increase sales. This information is great for small business.”

Corey Harris

State Farm

Find Your Strategic Sweet Spot

The ability to create efficient and profitable growth is not a core competency most organizations have.  In fact, 78% of the business leaders we surveyed said there was significant untapped revenue growth potential within their companies, and that they were not growing as fast as they should.

The key to creating and sustaining profitable growth comes from learning how to properly focus and align the activities and tactics of your competitive strategy, growth strategy, and equity strategy.  Proper alignment creates strategic synergy, competitive advantage, and exponential growth.  Finding Your Strategic Sweet Spot helps your audience do exactly that, taking the guesswork out of creating significant and sustainable growth.

Length:  30, 60 and 90-minute presentations, and half-day and full-day workshops.

Key Audience Takeaways

  • Discover your strategic sweet spot to grow your business faster and with less effort and expense.
  • Create growth synergy by focusing on what really produces results.
  • Achieve your goals more consistently with a powerful strategic minset.
  • Create exponential growth in sales, profit, and company value.

Meeting Planners Speak

“The information Russ presented wasn’t just typical marketing fluff! It was quality information that can actually be applied and used to build our member’s businesses.”

Howell Chiasson

Chairman, Assumption Parish Chamber of Commerce

“Russ Holder’s presentation was marketing strategy with a ‘thinking outside of the box’ approach, providing many unique angles for using marketing to increase sales and profit.”

Cynthia Hoffpauir

President, Jefferson Davis Business Alliance

Equity Evolution

Within any given industry, some companies sell for 300% more than average prices, while many others sell for 50% less than industry averages.  Which would you prefer?

Selling a business successfully requires a very different skillset – and mindset – than running a business.  In this presentation, Russ Holder introduces your audience to his Equity Evolution Model™, a tool that can literally change the life and legacy of business owners.

Even if selling is not their current goal, all business owners will be exiting their business someday, and you might as well build a more valuable and sellable asset that is more attractive to investors.  Equity Evolution gives your audience more options and greater control of their future.

Length:  30, 60 and 90 minute presentations, and half-day workshop.

Key Audience Takeaways

  • Prepare your business to sell for a premium price, not sub-par value.
  • Discover the Ten Equity Drivers that attract strategic investors.
  • Create a two-year plan that can literally triple your business valuation.
  • Gain an inside perspective from thousands of successful business acquisitions.

The Audience Speaks

“I found everything Russ spoke about to be applicable to my business. I walked away with tools to incorporate into my current marketing activities.”

Dan Boudreaux

Ace Hardware

“Finally, a rationale for marketing budgets! I learned practical methods to identify what I should be allocating for marketing activities.”

Debi Graham

River Parish Community College

Grow Your Business During An Economic Meltdown

Can a recessive economy offer unique opportunities to grow your business?  The answer is “yes”, even in the most competitive markets – but only if you do a few important things properly.

Decisions made by business leaders and entrepreneurs during tough economic conditions often determine how well they will do when conditions improve.  You see, recessive economic conditions historically offer unique opportunities on which smart business people can capitalize.  They just need the right information and tools to make smart decisions during these tough times.

Based on logic, facts, in-depth research, and time proven strategies, this unique presentation enables your audience to gain a powerful competitive advantage at times most businesses are struggling to survive.

Length:  30 and 60 minute presentations.

Key Audience Takeaways

  • Gain a competitive advantage when most companies are struggling to survive.
  • Avoid the fear that plagues business leaders during slow economic conditions.
  • Learn recession-busting best practices of the most strategic and stable companies.
  • Expand your ability to deal with economic uncertainty and recover from setbacks.

The Audience Speaks

“Russ’s presentation was informative and the topic important in my line of work. I learned how to apply and promote our uniqueness, improve follow up, and how to interact with our best customers.”

Sonja Landry

St. Martin Bank & Trust

“I liked the real-life examples and how he made the presentation interactive to further understanding of his concepts, several of which I can begin implementing right away to improve our business.”

Cliff Ourso

State Farm

Does increasing sales, profit, and company value sound enticing?