Books by Russ Holder

Russ Holder is a bestselling author on business growth, strategic planning, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Below is a list of his books and links to purchase them on

The ART of Revenue Growth

Russ Holder's newest book introduces you to the ART of Revenue Growth Model.

Business Excellence Press: August 13, 2021

Maximizing Business Growth

Maximizing Business Growth is your guide to drive exponential revenue growth with minimal effort and expense. Based on his proprietary TriFecta Exponential Growth Model, Russ Holder shows you how to create and implement a comprehensive growth plan that can take your business to new heights.

Business Excellence Press – April 2010; ISBN: 1939315018

Find 'em & Keep 'em

You’re in business to make money, and you’ve certainly worked hard to find and convert customers. In this book, Russ Holder shows you how to make all your hard work pay off at a much higher level. With no “fluff” and few wasted words, this book is packed with tips and techniques to make your cash register ring.

September 2007; ISBN-10: 1939315158; ISBN-13: 978-1939315151

20 Reasons Why Your Sales Stink

Author Russ Holder introduces you the twenty most common reasons why your sales numbers aren’t where you think they should be, and then provides practical solutions to remedy those problems.

September 2009; ISBN: 978-1-939315-02-1

Points of Failure

Today’s business world is evolving. Competition is fiercer than ever, the emergence of the internet has changed the way many industries conduct business, and volatile economic conditions have forced many businesses to rethink their strategies.

May 2008; ISBN-10: 1939315174; ISBN-13: 978-1939315175

Going Up

If you’re looking for sugar-coated motivational speeches, you won’t find it here. Russ Holder and the other authors of Going Up give you the same “in-the-trenches” insight on entrepreneurship and business success that they have implemented with some of the most successful and recognizable corporations, entrepreneurs, and celebrities in the world.

Business Excellence Press – April 2014; ISBN-10: 193931514X