Helping organizations drive predictable revenue growth in competitive markets.

Russ Holder provides businesses with the systems and tools to turn 1% change into 20% annual growth in sales, profit, and company valuation. Could this work in your business? It's very easy (and free) to find out:

Measurable Results

Accelerate quantifiable results in sales, profit, and company valuation.

Clarity & Control

Simplify growing your business and focus your teams around shared priorities.

Momentum & Agility

Build competitive advantage and growth momentum while your competitors struggle.

Is it getting more challenging to grow a business?

There's one thing you can say about the business climate of the last year, and that's it has been unpredictable. Business leaders and entrepreneurs have battled through a worldwide pandemic, economic recession, and significant disruptions in almost every industry.

We have all heard that constant change and frequent disruption is the New Normal, and we must remain ready to prepare for the Next Normal. The truth is that "normal" no longer exists, and that's what we should prepare for: No Normal.

The last few years have proven business success relies more and more on continuous learning, adaptation, agility, and resilience. Most business leaders understand this. The challenge comes in integrating those attributes into your strategic planning process and the execution of your daily operations.

The good news is that it just got much easier to do.

The 120 Growth Operating System simplifies creating sustainable growth in constantly changing and competitive markets.

Russ Holder developed the RevGrowth Operating System (OS) to solve that problem, making it easier for executives and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses in a methodical and predictable way. It makes all aspects of planning, executing, and managing your growth activities easier and more effective.

The primary benefit of the RevGrowth OS is dramatic short- and long-term ROI. With the RevGrowth OS, you can turn a few small 1% improvements into 20% annual growth in sales, profit, and company valuation. These improvements are often achievable with little or no financial expense.

The RevGrowth OS also gives leaders more clarity and control over their business.  Get and stay strategically focused as you build a more resilient business better able to withstand competitive forces and changing economic conditions.

Discover Your Growth Potential Score

Free Online Assessment

What are your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to creating predictable and sustainable revenue growth? Where should you modify activities or implement new initiatives to achieve your goals?

Your Growth Potential Score (GPS) is free, remarkably thorough, and you get your score immediately.

Speaking & Training

Russ Holder delivers original and powerful business-building content filled with actionable ideas and unique stories based on 24-years of in-the-trenches experience.

Revenue Growth Consulting

In competitive and frequently disrupted environments, only the well-planned organization sustains growth. Let Russ help you focus your strategy, execute with discipline, and turn 1% change into 20% annual growth.

Russ Holder's Books

Russ has published five books on the topic of revenue growth, marketing, sales, and entrepreneurship. The sixth will be out in June, courtesy of Business Excellence Press.

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Meet Russ Holder

Meet Russ Holder

"The Architect of Exponential Growth"

My name is Russ Holder, and I help businesses drive sustainable organic growth with minimal disruption to their operations. I do this through my books, presentations, and my two companies: 120 Growth and

After 25 years working with high-performance organizations and teams, I developed the 120 Growth Operating System to simplify sustainable growth. It’s an innovative approach that helps organizations grow in a controlled, methodical, and repeatable way. With it, a series of small, 1% improvements result in 20% or more annual growth in sales, profit, and company valuation.

Getting Started is Easy

Want to know if you could benefit from the 120 Growth Operating System? It's easy to find out:

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Assess Your Growth Potential

Take our free and exclusive online assessment and get your Growth Potential Score. It's thorough, revealing, and only takes a few minutes to complete.

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Get Your Free Starter Kit

After completing the your assessment, receive access to your free 120 Growth Starter Kit to kick off your journey to sustainable growth.

Step 3:

Schedule Your CEO Briefing

Schedule a free, no-pressure, 30-minute CEO briefing with Russ Holder to map out your next steps for turning 1% change into 20% annual growth in sales, profit, and valuation.

Get Russ's latest book.

"Required reading" for businesses wanting to jump-start their revenue growth performance.

The ART of Revenue Growth is your guide to building a growth strategy that drives exponential growth in sales, profit, and market share with minimal effort and expense... regardless of your economic environment.

Based on his proprietary ART of Revenue Growth Model, Russ Holder shows you how to create and implement a comprehensive growth plan capable of producing incredible growth synergy that can take your business to new heights.