Russ Holder - business growth consultant, speaker, and author.

Meet The Architect of Exponential Growth

Russ Holder is a consultant, speaker, author of five books, and thought leader specializing in strategic growth and marketing. He works with organizations to create and strengthen competitive advantage and accelerate growth in sales, profit, and company value.

Russ prides himself on not being the typical consultant. Driven by a passion for producing measurable results for his clients, he works with business leaders, entrepreneurs, and association executives to seize growth opportunities and dramatically improve performance.

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What Makes Russ Unique?

First and foremost, it is the complete strategic focus on producing measurable results in increased sales, profit and company value.  Growth results are what matters most to our clients, so growth is what we sell.

The engine driving Russ’s work comes from intellectual capital based on 20 years of research and experience with 231 organizations in 46 industries.

His proprietary systems such as the ART of Exponential Growth Model®, Sales Elevation Wheel™, Equity Evolution Model™, and Strategic Growth Pyramid™ have generated dramatic ROI for clients across a variety of industries, and are featured in Russ’s books and presentations.

Eight Reasons to Work With Russ

  • Grow Sales & Profit

    Simplify achieving strategic, sustainable and controlled growth.

  • Increase Business Value

    Build equity and make your business more attractive to investors.

  • More Customers

    Profitably capture market share and steadily grow your customer base.

  • Business Stability

    Build a stronger business able to survive hostile conditions.

  • Competitive Advantage

    Develop and strengthen your strategic competitive advantage.

  • Strategy Comes First

    We get the strategy right before investing in tactical implementation.

  • Customer Retention & Loyalty

    Improve customer lifetime value while strengthening relationships.

  • Less Stress

    Save time, money and effort by growing your business more efficiently.

Who We Work With

Over the past 20 years, we have worked with a broad range of organizations wanting growth in competitive environments.

Although we typically work with the CEOs, Presidents, and General Managers of “mid-market” B2B organizations, on occasion we work with start-ups and B2C companies as well.

Our best clients are those who are continually trying to raise the bar and improve their performance.  They want to win in their competitive marketplace, and know that stagnation ultimately results in failure.


Aerospace, Chemical, Commercial Printing, Construction, Consumer Products, Health & Fitness, Industrial Products, Office Products, Packaging, Software, Sporting Goods.

Wholesale & Distribution

Chemical, Cosmetics, Electronics, IT, Industrial Supplies, Medical Devices, Oil Field Supplies, Packaging, Shooting Products, Telecom Equipment, Test Equipment.

Services & Consulting

Accounting, Advertising & Marketing, Banking, Corporate Training, Human Resources, Information Technology, Investments, Legal, Medical, Telecom.


E-Commerce, Higher Education, Homeowner Services, Network Television, Non-Profits, Publishing, Railroads, Real Estate, Retail, Trade & Professional Associations.

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Thought Leadership

The following proprietary models and proven methodology serve as a systematic and ROI-focused framework to drive growth for our clients:

TriFecta of Strategic Growth


Efficient and sustainable growth is a result of careful planning and focus on Competitive Strategy, Growth Strategy, and Equity Strategy.

Strategic Growth Pyramid

For strategy to produce the best results, all tactics and activities must work together to create strategic synergy. This synergy is the core of competitive advantage, and becomes nearly impossible for competitors to duplicate.

ART of Exponential Growth Model


Focusing your efforts on the Nine Growth Keys that drive organic growth creates growth synergy and financial performance. It applies to all business models based on repeat customer purchases.

Equity Evolution Model


A bonus benefit of using the TriFecta of Strategic Growth is that it increases the value of the business while making it more attractive to investors in ten key areas. We call this Equity Evolution.

Sales Elevation Wheel


A strategic system for dramatically improving the results produced by your sales process and your sales teams.

Customer Retention Diamond


A simple, comprehensive and strategic approach for maintaining an organization's most important asset: their customers.

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Books Published

Russ Holder in the Media

Below is a partial list of media that has featured Russ’s work and intellectual property:

Major Media

The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Businessweek, CNN, Fox News, CEOworld Magazine, NBC News, Worth Magazine, CBS News, Business Insider.

Online Media

Yahoo Finance, MSN Money, SiliconValley.com, DowJones.com, Barron’s, Virtual Strategy, Market Intelligence Center, MoneyShow.com, Market Pulse.

Industry Publications

Oil & Gas Journal, Renewable Energy World, Power Engineering, Value Investing News, The Network Journal, Bio Space, Lightwave, Digital Media Wire, Bio Optics World.

International Media

International Business News, TransWorld News, Asia Pacific Star, Europe Sun, South Africa News, Thailand Business Leader.

Giving Back

“I believe in the importance of serving local communities in ways that deliver high-impact outcomes and enriching experiences.  I do this through limited pro-bono engagements to provide guidance to local non-profits.  Some of the issues close to my heart include entrepreneurship, veteran’s affairs, children’s care, and animal rescue and adoption.”

~ Russ Holder

Does increasing sales, profit, and company value sound enticing?